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 Windows Phone 7 WP7 Silverlight Toolkit
build a very responsive and fast UI with a varity of page transitions, controls and behaviors


  • QuickJumpLists
  •  Feathered turnstile effect on any kind of page,
  • continuum effect
  •  very fast TimePicker and DatePicker (much faster startup time than those from Silverlight Toolkit and even from Telerik)
  • ItemPicker and Dropdown control to present only the selected item and open a popup/dropdown to choose from a list
  • Window control to open additional content on demand on the same page over the current content (faster and more fluent in response than a popup)
  • Context Menus on every Control bindable on any Framework within the Control.
  • CommandButton to easily bind the butto with a Command from ViewModel
  • DelegateCommand to bind with a ViewModel
  • Fast ListBox replacements with intervalled Item loading on startup to minimize required startup time, including jump list support
  • Behaviors and Actions for various page transitioning either when a Page loads/unloads or due to an event (Swing, Swivel, Continuum, Zoom,  Feather)
  • MessageEventTrigger to bind an event with a message box to confirm before raising actions in order to separate the view from the model as far as possible
  • DelayedEventTriggrer to perform actions due to an event on a view after a delay (e.g. to start a page transition some milliseconds before navigating to another page)
  • Many AttachedProperties, for instance to set the focus on a textbox when the page loads automatically, or for immediate binding of the text of a textbox
  • MVVM toolkit (ViewModelBase, ModelBase, DelegateCommand)
  • IndexedDataSource for creating an items source for OdcListBox that maintains QuickJumpItems and automatically keeps an alphabetic order, even if the source changes
  • GroupedDataSource which is like IndexedDataSource but intended to be used for a grouped jump list.
  • AppUtils to simplify Access to ApplicationBar which is unfortunately not bindable, e.g. for localizing the items of the ApplicationBar, or settings IsEnabled along with changes to the ViewModel
  • WeakCollectionChangedListener and WeakNotifyPropertyChangedListener for loosely coupled binding between View and ViewModel/Model.
  • and more...


  • Screenshots




  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Windows Phone 7

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